November 20, 2017

How To Prepare


  • Notify ALL persons residing or working at the application site about your Fiber Protector project, and inform them of the guidelines covered here. PLEASE do not schedule any other service companies at the project site during the scheduled application. If this cannot be avoided, make sure that we are aware of the situation.


  • Ensure that any items or areas to be treated are free from any loose personal belongings such as clothing, toys, electronics, Etc.


  • For rug applications please remove all small items such as chairs, ottomans, floor lamps or tables. It is very important that you inform us if larger pieces such as sectionals or sofas will need to be moved so that we can have the appropriate personnel on your project.


  • Please inform our service technician of any pre-existing spots, stains, soiling or defects that you are aware of on items to be treated.


  • Our service technicians will facilitate proper ventilation during the application process by opening any available windows or doors. Air movers will also be used to improve dry time and help ventilate.


  • Please prohibit access of people and pets to items and areas that are being treated during the application process.


  • We recommend restricting access to the treated items for two to four hours after the application is complete to give ample dry time.


At times you may smell the presence of Isopropyl Alcohol, as this is the carrying agent for Fiber ProTector. There is absolutely no reason for concern. The ProTector has been applied directly to the textile and is not airborne. Isopropyl Alcohol can sometimes be quite evident during and shortly after application. However, within a short time it should only be slightly noticeable similar to walking into a bathroom where hair spray was recently used.

Following these simple recommendations will ensure that your Fiber Protector application goes as smoothly as possible. You can have peace of mind knowing that your fine textiles have been protected by the most advanced fabric protection system in the world, Fiber ProTector.

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